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Virginia Wildlife Management (VWM) appreciates this opportunity to present our company to you or your business. VWM recognizes the impact of the damage that can be caused by nuisance animals to your home or business.  Due to the major concern this presents, we develop a comprehensive plan to remove the nuisance animals and repair the damage that the animals have caused. VWM's objectives are to remove nuisance animals that are in direct conflict on the property. Our services will include site inspection, placement of traps, trapping and removal of the animals. Animals and their feces provide a haven for fleas, spores, and parasites. Removal and disposal of contaminated soil and leaves, replace damaged insulation with new.  Spray, sanitize and disinfect the affected area.  VWM's company policy is to provide quality services following state and federal guidelines. VWM offers a wide variety of services including insulation removal and installation. We frequently encounter sites that require insulation removal and decontamination. Simply removing old or pest infested insulation and replacing with new greatly improves air quality, improves insulation values, reduce electric bills from heating and cooling and most important deters re-infestation.    
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