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Snakes Snakes enter houses, barns and other buildings when habitat conditions are suitable inside the buildings. They are particularly attracted to rodents and insects as well as cool, damp, dark areas often associated with buildings. All openings 1/4 inch (0.6 cm) and larger should be sealed to exclude snakes. Check the corners of doors and windows, as well as around water pipe and electrical service entrances. Holes in masonry foundations, concrete and concrete blocks or bricks should be sealed with mortar to exclude snakes. Holes in wooden buildings can be sealed. In most states, snakes are considered nongame wildlife and are protected by state law unless they are about to cause personal or property damage. Therefore, snakes should not be indiscriminately killed. Some species are listed on federal and/or state threatened and endangered species lists.
Turtles Any permanent body of water is a potential home for turtles. Unlike most other turtles, including soft-shells, snapping turtles rarely bask. Turtles feed on a combination of plant and animal material that includes items such as aquatic weeds, crayfish, carrion, insects, fish, and other small organisms. The diet of snapping turtles, however, usually includes a relatively high proportion of fish. They are relatively aggressive predators, occasionally known to take fish off fish stringers.  All turtles reproduce by laying eggs in early spring. Hatching begins in late summer and extends into the fall, depending on summer temperatures associated with the climate of the range. During winter, turtles usually bury themselves in soft mud or sand in shallow water with only the  eyes and snout exposed. In farm ponds, turtles undoubtedly compete with fish for natural food sources such as crayfish and insects.
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